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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A while back I posted a TED video about the art (and genius) of classical music given by Benjamin Zander.  Recently, I've had one piano student very interested in more contemporary techniques, and in particular, using the inside of the piano as well. I told him about John Cage and the performance of 4'33".

Today I came across a video performance of a piece written for prepared piano. This particular piece was not written by John Cage, but it struck me because it was fascinating to watch...both the musician and the inside of the piano. However, it is not that it was fascinating that stayed with me; it was that the piece was profoundly beautiful.  The combination of the two is inspiring to me as a musician, a teacher, and one who's listening preference is "classical" (in general, that is).

"Mount Hood" as performed by the composer on NPR

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