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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Growing Studio

March is now over, marking the end of 6 months since the launch of my own business. In that time, I have learned many things about entrepreneurship; the first of which is timing. Timing is crucial, and it's not something one can really control. In the past six months I grew from having a meager studio of just a few clients to a studio four times that size, to a stable number now that falls in between those two marks.

Where the notion of timing enters this development, however, is in the fact that I did absolutely nothing new in promoting my business between the time of just a few clients to a studio three times that size. That between time was just before and just after Christmas. Of course I had taken many measures previously and subsequently, and many continual measures to this day; but as far as when the growth actually occurred (and will continue to occur), that was nothing I could predict or foresee.

Entrepreneurship also requires a bit of pizzazz or zest--

one has to truly believe in what he or she is doing. However, it's not just a question of belief (since that word is thrown around so carelessly these days, it seems). It is more than that. You really do have to be good, quite good, at what you do and what you're offering. An entrepreneur has to propose something unique, yet not too far off the beaten path. Of course this does also depend on one's intended audience or market.

So yes, timingpatience is of course implied, ability, and hard work are the key factors. Growing my business isn't even my main goal, but rather an essential one. I'm sure I could do much more (theoretically) in promoting myself, but I''m doing all I can at this point and I am happy in that.


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