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Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Thanks to some helpful words/guidance and information from my brother a few months ago and now the right timing, I was "finally" able to successfully edit some of the code on my website earlier this week.  I like it better, but please feel free to comment or make any suggestions for improvement below!

It's complete with good information, means of scheduling lessons or appointments online, and documents for downloading (pictures etc for viewing to follow soon) - all made enjoyable by background music.  Thank you!

(By my students, a.k.a: Miss Julia, mom or even mommy a few times I think, Miss Meyer-which usually comes out "Mrs" Meyer)
(By my close friends, a.k.a:  Jules, Julia BeDulia, Julia Goolia, Julia Hulia)

 P.S. As a side note, I really recommend as a good web builder for those of us not fluent in different codes. There's a great deal of variety and options that other web builders don't offer, even with just the free package.