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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Promotions!

Giving Thanks. Gratitude. Love. Appreciation. Value. Trust. Daily.

So, here are the specials for those that are, or are becoming, clients!!
1) If you are, or become, a client and you are also able to gain other clients by referring me, then I will give you one hour of FREE services for every 3 additional clients.
       *The only catch -- all clients (including you) must have scheduled their first (or next) appointment by November 30th! And they must follow through and pay for it after services are rendered. :)*

For 2 and 3 below:  I will review the submissions on their due dates, and the earliest submitted correct responses will receive a free lesson.  If there are multiple correct responses, I will grant free lessons and discounts (the later the submission, the lower the discount).

2) If you have an idea as to how I got the name "Major D Glories", or why, or what it may mean - please submit as a private message via email
**Submissions due by the morning of December 8, 2011**

3) If you can determine the origin of my business email, please send a private message as well. This submission is due by noon on November 28th.

If you have any ideas for future promotions, please submit as a comment below! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving- truly. :)


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