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Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's coming along!

Ooh, this is so exciting  :)
I've always been entertained by simple things; and though it is kind of a running joke among my family and certainly my closest friends who've known me for a very long time, it's not truly condescending.  Much of the time,I have come to realize, that really and truly it is the simplest things that are the most fascinating.  (or what we perceive as simple and take for granted).

I guess I find natural creation fascinating in general and I guess I think that most people including myself view it very casually and simply.
looking at a sunset?
watching a single flame on a candle or in a fireplace?
an infant?
an 8 month old?  a year old child?

What are things you consider simple?....that may or may not be fascinating to someone?

So this will be my blog, and I've started a different website that I'll link to and from here once I get it built.  It's a little bit easier in terms of formatting - more user friendly for a business as opposed to a blog site, which this inherently is.

Please comment!

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